Environmental Health


The goal of the Distance Learning Track is to provide an accredited BS degree in Environmental Health that can be completed primarily by internet coursework from MSSU after fulfilling certain course requirements at the Community College. A big advantage is that the student does not have to move to Missouri Southern to complete the degree. Students may qualify for scholarships that defer out-of-state tuition, see the link to financial aid.

  1. The Community College student that fulfills the following pre-requisite 64 hours may be admitted to the EH Distance Learning Track: General Education Requirements (see MSSU Gen Ed requirements). This 43-44 hours is accomplished with like courses at the community college that are transferrable to MSSU.
  2. An additional 20-21 hours

The total 64 hours must include courses that will satisfy the EHAC Criteria for Science, Communication and Math courses (see Distance Learning Degree List #1)

The courses described in List #1 EHAC Criteria are the minimum hours required. A school may have to require a greater number of credit hours to meet the requirement with the courses that are available for them to offer. For example for MSSU on-campus students to meet the EHAC Criteria we have to specify 10 hours of general chemistry (two 5 hour courses), because we do not have a 6 hour general chemistry course. Each institution has to examine the science courses they have available that will satisfy the EHAC Criteria science requirement. The added 6 hours of basic science is simply more biology, chemistry or physics beyond the stated minimum hours. The additional 6 hours of basic science can be met by courses that have more than the minimum number of hours. Since 3 hours of college algebra are required for the math minimum, it is implied that the general chemistry and physics course pre-requisite be college algebra or higher. The EHAC Criteria communication courses are met by general education and coursework at MSSU. MSSU EH Faculty will gladly help examine courses offered in regard to meeting EHAC Criteria and will contact EHAC to affirm that courses meet the criteria.

It is possible that within the 64 hours the college may offer an introductory course(s) in environmental health or science that will help the student to determine if that is the degree that they wish to pursue and provide some background into the field.