English & Philosophy

Dr. Dale W. Simpson

Professor, English

Office Number, Building: K-203B

Telephone: 417-625-9640

On-campus Email: Simpson-D@mssu.edu

First Semester at Missouri Southern: Fall 1979


  • Bachelor’s (B.A.), Harding University, 1970
  • MA, University of North Texas, 1974
  • Ph.D, University of North Texas, 1983

I have been in this department for over 32 years, having moved through the ranks from instructor to full professor to department head, and now back among my colleagues as a full-time professor. My Fall 2011 schedule below demonstrates the levels at which I work:

English 150 Introduction to Literature

English 202 Writing and Research in English

English 301 Introduction to Linguistics

English 410 Medieval English Literature

All of these courses are challenging, and that’s because the students challenge me. My goal is to meet the challenge and, in the lower-level general education courses, to convert at least one student to enjoyment of whatever course of study they are learning.

Over the course of my career I have taught linguistics; general education literature; medieval literature; English Education courses, including Methods and Teaching Writing; and my favorite subject matter—the works of JRR Tolkien. I have supervised student teachers and advised hundreds of BSE majors. I have worked with students from the freshman level through the senior English major level, and I enjoy teaching them all.

Students at every level know I am a great fan of classic rock and roll music, which I incorporate into courses whenever I can. The same goes for incorporating YouTube into my classes. I like the new technologies and want to learn more about them in order to use them in my classes.

I also have been among the leaders in the department in using Blackboard, PowerPoint, and the new Smart Boards in my classes. I have taught totally on line and “enhanced” my classes with Blackboard for many years. In the spring of 2012 I will be piloting a section of hybrid or blended English 101, half face-to-face and half on line. I look forward to the new challenge. If it works I may become the first English department faculty member to offer a majors course in a hybrid environment.

In short, to paraphrase Chaucer, gladly will I learn, and gladly teach!

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