English & Philosophy

Literary Studies Emphasis

Major Code EN03

Course Listing   Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 46-47* 43-44
Foreign Language (four courses in one language)   12
English Requirements   42**
Foundations of English Study    
ENG 202 Writing & Research in English 3  
Study of the English Language    
ENG 301 Introduction to English Linguistics    
ENG 400 History of the English Language 3  
Advanced Writing:    
One course from ENG 216, 310, 312, 313, or 315 3  
Literature Core (minimum of 15 hours, level 200 and above, distributed as below):    
British Literature 6  
American Literature 6  
World Literature 3  
Capstone Course    
ENG 495 Senior Seminar 3  
English Electives    
English Electives (Beyond College Composition) 15  
Electives   26-27
Total   124***

*The literature survey course listed under Area F satisfies both three of the 46-47 hours required for general education and three of the 15 hours of literature core or English electives required for the major.

**Must be beyond college composition and include at least 12 hours at the 300-400 level. English 325, Children’s Literature, does not count toward the English major. The student also will need to satisfy the computer literacy requirement as determined by the English department.

***Must include at least 40 Upper Division (300-400 level) hours.