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Dr. Holly McSpadden

Junior College

Associate Professor, English

Office Number, Building: Kuhn 203E

Telephone: 417-625-9642

On-campus Email:

First Semester at Missouri Southern: Fall 1999


As far back as she can remember, Dr. McSpadden has always possessed a love for literature. Convinced of the tremendous positive impact this field of study can have on an individual's life, she has made it her mission to open students' minds to this same truth. One of her highest aims is to make her lessons engaging and memorable. She is well-known for her uncanny ability to make students laugh. Humorous as her classes may be, she is serious about educating. Dr. McSpadden refuses to settle for a mere transferring of information from teacher to student; rather, she is resolved to see real growth and transformation, the kind which prepares a person to successfully face real life situations.

In her classes, Dr. McSpadden challenges students to think critically. One of her greatest pleasures in teaching is seeing bashful students find their voice. One popular tool of hers for bringing students out of their shells is her teaching on the Puritans. She reasons that Puritan writers' bold statements often awaken students' minds to either fight for or against controversial ideas. Students who might otherwise be passive in class speak up, being challenged to build solid arguments with concrete reasoning. Dr. McSpadden says that these are the moments where she is most fulfilled.