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Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

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CJAD 0210 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Basic Photography
Lecture and laboratory procedures for use of cameras, lenses, developing negatives and prints. Lab fee and additional lab time arranged.

CJAD 0275 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
The Juvenile Justice System
The Juvenile Justice System is a survey course that is designed to introduce the student to the organizations, processes and actors that comprise the Juvenile Justice System. The course emphasizes the history of the juvenile justice system, the agency interactions and interrelationships, the concepts of prevention and diversion, the development of juvenile gangs, the roles of criminal justice professionals and the future of the Juvenile Justice System.

CJAD 0298 (Demand) 1-8 hrs. cr.
Topics in Criminal Justice Administration
Course content varies and is designed to meet current needs and interests in the rapidly changing field of criminal justice administration. Precise topics are announced with prerequisites stipulated in the course syllabus.

CJAD 0300 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Criminal Investigation (Writing Intensive)
Major case investigative methods, sources of information, development of leads, methods applicable to organized crime and specific offenses.

CJAD 0301 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
International Justice Systems
A study of justice systems around the world, comparing them to America's justice system. Course considers the three important components of a justice system: police, courts and corrections. Includes cultural differences of the countries studied as they relate to their justice systems.

CJAD 0302 (Demand) 2 hrs. cr.
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems and Cultures
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems and Cultures will focus on the criminal justice systems and cultures of selected countries as they compare to the American justice system and culture. Travel in selected countries will include visits to criminal justice agencies and facilities as well as interactions with criminal justice professionals.

CJAD 0310 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Traffic Accident Investigation and Control
Theory and techniques for investigating and reducing occurrence of motor vehicle accidents. Includes collection and evaluation of physical evidence reporting.

CJAD 0320 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Probation and Parole
Study of the entire system of probation and parole internationally, nationally and locally. Prepares students for the state merit exam in probation and parole. Study of pre-sentence investigation methods, predicting parole behavior, supervisory practices, legal aspects, the use of amnesty and pardons. Prerequisites: LE 100.

CJAD 0330 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Asset Protection
Security techniques in loss prevention for retail business, industry, governmental protection, hotel and motel, hospital, school, transit systems and utilities.

CJAD 0340 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Crime Scene Investigation II
Advanced methods and techniques used by investigators to identify and collect items of evidentiary value left at crime scenes. Topics to include the use of forensic light sources to locate physical evidence, bloodstain pattern analysis, casting impression evidence, fingerprint processing and entomological evidence. Prerequisite: LE 200 , Crime Scene Investigation I or permission.

CJAD 0350 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Fish and Game Enforcement
Problems and procedures encountered and used by conservation enforcement officers. Laws and enforcement procedures.

CJAD 0360 (Demand) 2 hrs. cr.
Professional Development
Development of employability and career skills will be emphasized focusing on tools necessary for employment: communication skills, corporate etiquette, business dress, adjusting to the corporate environment and the professional image.

CJAD 0367 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System
This course will address the race-based disparities in the criminal justice system from the early 1920's to present, using film and documentaries. In addition, this course will examine how race-based disparities in the criminal justice system impacted the civil rights movement. Prerequisites: LE 210 and LE250.

CJAD 0370 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
International Terrorism (Writing Intensive)
International Terrorism examines the known facets of contemporary terrorism. Analyzes the laws and special forces/law enforcement agencies which nations within the international community have created to meet the challenge of international terrorism. Examines anticipated patterns of terrorism in the new century. Emphasis on legal and security measures designed to prevent terrorism.

CJAD 0390 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Crime Analysis
A study of the patterns of crime. The course will emphasize the analysis of crime patterns and criminal behavior. The course will consider the identification of evolving or existent crime patterns and series crime, the forecasting of future crime occurrences and the initiation of target profile analysis.

CJAD 0400 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Homicide Investigation
Legal and criminalistic concepts and procedures for the medico-legal investigation of death due to natural, accidental, suicidal or criminal cause.

CJAD 0405 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Homicide Investigation II
This course will primarily focus on adult and child sex-related homicides. In addition, this course will examine various homicide cases using a case study analysis to better understand the investigative process involved in a homicide investigation. Prerequisites: CJAD 400 or permission.

CJAD 0410 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Juvenile Procedures
Examines the evolution of the juvenile justice system as well as current practice and procedure in juvenile and family courts. Focus on law, jurisdiction, constitutional requirements and court rules. Also considers topics such as juvenile gangs, child abuse and neglect, child custody and status offenders.

CJAD 0411 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Juvenile Corrections (Writing Intensive)
Overview of the design and legal requirements of juvenile correctional institutions including an analysis of the juvenile interstate compact laws and management principles of juvenile correctional institutions.

CJAD 0412 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Correctional Practices (Writing Intensive)
History of corrections as it relates to correctional practices. In-depth study of the rights of the incarcerated inmate as well as the powers and duties of the correctional officer.

CJAD 0430 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Family Violence
Introduces the dynamics of family violence from the perspective of law enforcement. Examines the relationships between victims, offenders and other family members. Focuses on these relationships and the challenge they pose to the criminal justice system.

CJAD 0440 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Victims and the Criminal Justice System
Introduces the study of victimization. Examines the relationship between victims and the criminal justice system.

CJAD 0450 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Criminal Evidence
Rules of evidence, admissibility, presumptions, inferences, burden of proof and exceptions to the hearsay rule. Prerequisites: LE 210, LE 250 or permission.

CJAD 0455 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Interview and Interrogation
This course will present detailed information about interviewing and interrogation techniques. This course will also examine the law governing interviews and interrogations as well as certain aspects of admissibility of confessions as evidence in criminal cases. Prerequisites: LE210 or permission of the instructor.

CJAD 0460 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Cultural Diversity
Students seeking cross-cultural knowledge and sensitivity in criminal justice learn practical methods for dealing with diverse cultures, ethnic groups and those who are physically, mentally and emotionally challenged.

CJAD 0475 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Organized Crime
The course will provide an overview of American and internationally organized crime and the legal techniques used to address the problem. Emphasis will be placed on the major groups and their principal forms of criminal activity: drugs, trafficking of human beings, money laundering and financial crimes. The emerging effort to fight organized crime internationally will be examined. Prerequisites: LE 210 or permission.

CJAD 0485 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Child Exploitation and Pornography Investigation
The course will examine legal and criminalistic concepts and procedures for the legal investigation of sexual exploitation of children and child pornography. Prerequisites: LE 100 or permission.

CJAD 0487 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Rape and Sexual Assault Investigation
This course is designed to prepare students to investigate rapes and sexual assaults. This course will focus on sexual abuse of nursing home residents, children and adults. In addition, this course will address issues concerning the collection of evidence at crime scenes, interviewing the suspect and the forensic examination of sexual assault victims. Prerequisites: LE210 and LE250 or permission.

CJAD 0490 (F,S,Su) 4 hrs. cr.
Internship in Criminal Justice
Extensive practical experience with a criminal justice agency, subject to individual committee approval. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, CJAD major, department approval, cumulative GPA 2.5 and a CJAD GPA 3.2.

CJAD 0498 (Demand) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice Administration
A survey of current advances in the field. Precise topics to be announced. For upper division majors in CJAD or those who have completed the A.S. degree in law enforcement. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

CJAD 0499 (F,S,Su) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Independent Study in Criminal Justice
Individually directed study for advanced majors in area of criminal justice selected with adviser approval. Proposal must be approved by program director and school dean. Prerequisite: 3.5 GPA in major area or permission.