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Ruth I. Kolpin Broadcast Journalism Endowed Scholarship

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Scholarship Background

Ruth Kolpin-Rubison is one of Southwest Missouri's pioneers in broadcasting. Her long career included work in radio, television and cable television in two states. She was recognized as the recipient of the first Pioneer Broadcaster Award from Missouri Southern in 1997. The award recognizes individuals who made significant contributions to the development of the local broadcast industry.

When the scholarship was established, Communication Dept. Head Dr. Jay Moorman said, "The Department of Communication is thrilled to have this recognition of our program. We are excited that Mrs. Kolpin-Rubison's timely contribution will enable deserving students in the future to follow her example of hard work and broadcasting skill."

Students benefit

Students majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on broadcasting benefit from the endowed scholarship at Missouri Southern State University. The Ruth I. Kolpin Foundation Board of Directors established the scholarship, known as the Ruth I. Kolpin Broadcast Journalism Endowed Scholarship. The generous donation allows for a substantial annual scholarship for deserving students, provided from the income of the principal amount of the endowment.

Recipients of the 2017-18 Kolpin Scholarship, Kate Kelley and Oliver Wallace with Ron PetersenRecipients 

2017-2018 - Catherine Kelley and Oliver Wallace

2016-2017 - Brianna Allen and Alecia Henson

2015-2016 - Brianna Allen and Tanya Lyon

2014-2015 - Kristen Hanna and Brandon Stokes

2013-2014 - Shonte Clay and Clint DeNisco

2012-2013 - Abigail Warner and Xiaoyu (Jaimie) Wu

2011-2012 - Justin Coale and Kwinna Glades

2010-2011 - Jordon Schultz and Emily Seigel

2009-2010 - Patricia Pham and Brooke Lairmore

2008-2009 - Adrienne Martz and Casey Ellett

2007-2008 - Jarrod Griswold and Albert "Charlie" Natividad

2006-2007 - Megan Harrison and Danielle Dunn

2005-2006 - Brett Gilbertson

2004-2005 - Darren Gibbs