Communication Internships

To enroll for an internship and to receive credit, you must first understand what an internship is and is not.

It is not, for example, academic credit for life experiences. In other words, you can't receive credit for something you have already done and for skills you think you can demonstrate.

It is a practical learning experience outside the College in an industry, a business, an association or activity, or a medium that deals with the line of work you hope to enter. For example, by actually working in an advertising agency, you may find which aspect of advertising best suits you whether copywriting, market research, or sales. Sometimes after interning, students discover they don't really want to enter a particular field. This, too, is a valuable learning experience.

It is performed while you are officially enrolled as a student in an internship. Its purpose is to fill the gap between the academic and professional worlds. It is a time when you can see the work world in a fairly non-threatening manner so that you can stand back and even philosophize about the details and generalities you perceive.

Another reason for taking an internship is to apply theory learned in the classroom to an actual work situation. The work cannot be duplicated in the classroom, and an internship will provide valuable knowledge and experience if the regulations for an internship are followed.

If you understand these preliminary rules, you may proceed in considering an internship. The primary reason for participating in an internship is to learn more about the career area you wish to enter. You may learn more about the entire field or you may find particular aspects of a career area that especially appeal to you.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for finding your internship. This action shows you have taken the initiative to obtain working experience. Your search for an internship should begin early, and it should be broad.

If doing an internship sounds like something you would like to add to your experience at MSSU, stop in to the Communication Department and pick up an internship packet or download one from below. Past Internship portfolios are available in the department for your perusal if you so wish. Come in and take a look..... you will have all the information you will need.

Download the internship package