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History of the Department of Communication

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April 5, 2011 
The 25th anniversary of  the dedication for 88.7 KXMS is held. 

October 2010  -
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale participates in an awareness trip to Cambodia for Rapha House.

September 2010
KGCS receives a news set from KOAM-TV and begins studio renovations.

August 2010 
Judy Stiles, KGCS-TV General Manager, is recognized as one of the "15 Most Influential Women" by the Joplin Tri-State Business Journal.

July 2010
KGCS hosts a live telecast featuring the 7th District Congressional Candidates, in cooperation with The Joplin Globe.

April 5, 2010
88.7 KXMS begins a year-long celebration of its 25th year on the air.

April 2010
The Chart publications manager T.R. Hanrahan is named Missouri College Media Association Advisor of the Year.

April 2010
The Chart is named a national finalist in the Society of Professional Journalists' Mark of Excellence Awards in editorial writing.

April 2010
MSSU wins the LDOC National Championship in Lincoln-Douglas debate.

April 2010
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale participates in the International Justice Seminar on Human Trafficking.

March 2010 
KGCS hosts a live telecast featuring candidates for Joplin City Council, in cooperation with The Joplin Globe.

March 2010
KGCS hosts a live "Candidate Connection" program with The Joplin Globe and Empire District Electric, featuring Joplin City Council candidates.

March 2010
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale participates for the 14th year in the annual art exhibits sponsored by Ozark Public Television.

January 2010
St. Louis Cardinals Caravan visit to MSSU is coordinated by KGCS-TV attracting a large crowd.

Lengendary broadcaster Bill Grigsby joins KGCS's Regional Media Hall of Fame Honorees

Fall 2009
The Chart reaches the 75-year mark in publication.

Fall 2009 
KGCS-TV celebrates 25 years of television broadcasting.

May 2009
Dr. Karolyn Yocum retires after 23 years at Missouri Southern.

April 2009 
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale guides Lora Dean to win a Rotary International Ambassador scholarship for $24,000 to the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

April 2009 
MSSU finishes with a 4th place at Nationals.

Spring 2009
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale mentors guest teacher, Mrs. Liuyan Su, from China in Communication Teaching Methodology for COMM 100 and COMM 305.

March 2009
MSSU Forensics wins LDOC national title.

KGCS's Regional Media Hall of Fame Honorees are Dave Berry and Danny Thomas

October 2008
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale attends the Ghandi Initiative for Non-Violence in Memphis, Tenn. at Christian Brothers University.

September 2008
KGCS begins digital broadcasting.

May 2008 
Dr. Robert Clark retires after 24 years at Missouri Southern.

May 2008
Dr. Allen Merriam retires after 26 years at Missouri Southern.

April 2008
MSSU Forensics wins the LDOC Inaugural Tournament at Washburn University.

Studios of KGCS-TV are named in honor of Ruth I. Kolpin of Carhage whose Foundation made a grant to help the station convert to digital broadcasting.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education approves a new Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Communication.

Larry White Memorial Fund is established for KGCS honoring well-known broadcast engineer at KOAM-TV.

October 12, 2007
The Department hosts debaters from Great Britain who engaged MSSU students in a campus debate.

April 2007
MSSU finishes 5th at debate nationals at Bery College.

April 2007
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale and Lora Dean win a McCaleb Initiative for Peace Award for Lybia. 

KGCS's Regional Media Hall of Fame Honorees adds Ron Peterson, Wendell Redden

Fall 2006  
Dr. Robert Clark (Ph.D, University of Oregon) serves as Interim Department Head during the sabbatical leave of Dr. Jay Moorman who is teaching in Taiwan.

April 2006 
MSSU finishes 5th at debate nationals at EW-EN Claire.

KGCS first Regional Media Hall of Fame Honorees adds Bob Philips and Bob James

October 1, 2005 
About 130 people attend a banquet celebrating the department's 25th anniversary. Richard Massa is the keynote speaker. A DVD produced by KGCS, giving Mr. Massa's personal history of the department and listing all graduates through 2005, is released.

April 2005 
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale guides Jessica I. Koch to win a $25,000 Rotary International Ambassador Scholarship for an M.A. degree to University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

February 24, 2005 
Joan Walker Brough, internationally known television producer and executive who taught as an adjunct instructor in this department, dies in Joplin at age 77.

2005  -  Pioneer Broadcaster Award presented to WMBH Radio.

Aug.-Sept. 2004  -  Drs. Jay Moorman and Chad Stebbins accompanied other MSSU administrators to China to promote educational exchanges.

June 2004 
Modern Languages separates to form a new department but remains housed in Webster Hall.

May-June 2004 
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale and Jessica Koch travel to India to study the educational role of non-violence in the Tibetan refugees on a McCaleb Initiative for Peace grant.

May 8, 2004 
Darren Gibbs receives the first Ruth I. Kolpin Broadcast Journalism Endowed Scholarship award.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to Leo Stafford.

August 1, 2003  
Missouri Southern receives a Charter for a chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

July 12, 2003 
Governor Robert Holden signs a bill granting university status to Missouri Southern.

April 7, 2003
Missouri Southern finishes as National Champion runners-up in LD.

April 7, 2003  
Jeremy Hollingshead woms the LD Individual national title in Lincoln-Douglas debate.

March 2003 
Wes Carillo oss IFA runner-up at International Debate Tournament held in Vancouver, Canada.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to Carol Parker.

A Public Relations option for majors is added to the curriculum under the guidance of Brenda Kilby.

July-August 2002 
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale and Karena Wells travel to Northern Ireland on a McCaleb Initiative for Peace grant.

July 23, 2002  
"Fine Arts Radio International" becomes the officially-recognized trademark of KXMS.

June 2002 
Department hosts the annual meeting of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors, coordinated by Dr. Chad Stebbins.

Summer 2002  
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale studies post-war Japan at Tokai University in Honolulu, Hawaii on a Level II Sasakawa Fellowship.

March 12-14, 2002  
The Forensics team, coached by Kelly Larson, wins the International Forensic Association tournament held in Rome, Italy.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to Lou Martin.

November 2001 
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale attends the Conference of Peace and Non-Violence in Independence, MO.

May 2001 
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale wins the McCaleb Initiative Peace award with an Indian student. Satyagraha (Gandhi's Truth).

April 14, 2001 
The Forensics team, coached by Kelly Larson, wins the National Championship in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, defeating Ohio State University by one point.

March 28, 2001 
Charter is signed granting Missouri Southern a chapter in the national forensics honorary fraternity, Pi Kappa Delta.

March 2001 
The Forensics team, coached by Kelly Larson, wins first place at the International Forensic Association (IFA) tournament held in Prague, The Czech Republic.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to Richard Massa.

December 17, 2000  
College alumnus Clark Swanson ('81) of Columbus, Ohio completes his donation of $5,000 for scholarships in the Department.

Summer 2000  
University on a Sasakawa Fellowship.

April 28, 2000 
The First annual McCaleb Initiative for Peace awards is announced. Kelly Dengel receives a grant to travel to South Africa to study the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to William B. Neal.

Dr. Allen Merriam's book, People of the Millenium; a Selection of Persons-of-the-Year from A.D. 1000 through 1999, is published in New York.

KGCS first Visions Unlimited "Wayne Kester Volunteer Award" is presented to Pat Fenix. The annual award recognizes a member of the senior citizen television production group that has contributed to the program and the station.

KXMS presents its first annual Lifetime Achievement Award to classical music host Karl Haas. Subsequent recipients included Peter Schickele, Martin Bookspan, Leonard Slatkin and Bill McLaughlin.

December 1, 1999 
Pi Kappa Delta Chapter (Forensics) is established at MSSU by Steve Doubledee (student) and Assistant Professor K. Larson.

November 12, 1999  
Missouri Southern hosts the British national championship debaters.

October 1999  - 
Dr. Chad Stebbins is named the National Newspaper Adviser of the Year by College Media Advisers.

Fall 1999 
The department offers its first Internet class, "Oral Communication," taught by Holley Goodnight.

August 1999
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale presents a paper at the AILA Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

July 1, 1999 
Dr. Jay R. Moorman (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University) becomes the department's second chair. Dr. Chad Stebbins becomes Director of the Institute of International Studies.

June 1999  
Dr. Carolyn M. Hale participates in the Study Abroad program in Puebla, Mexico, spending five weeks with the host family of Dr. Mario Paz and Dr. Bruno Rivera.

May 8, 1999
Retirement dinner is held for Richard Massa, who guided the department during its first two decades.

March 1999 
Dr. Chad Stebbins takes 18 students on the first annual International Media Seminar in Paris, France.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to Don Gross.

The Pioneer Broadcaster Award is presented to Austin Harrison.

Dr. Chad Stebbins' book, All the News is Fit to Print: Profile of a Country Editor, is published by the U. of Missouri Press.

December 5, 1997
Ruth Irene Kolpin of Carthage receives the first annual Pioneer Broadcaster Award at the first annual Media Showcase.

October 1, 1997
Bob Losure, former anchor at Cable News Network (CNN), speaks in Webster Hall.

Fall 1997 
MSSC's first annual internationally-themed semester focuses on Hong Kong. The Chart sends two students, Rick Rogers and Jake Griffin, to Hong Kong to report on the colony's transition from Great Britain to China.

The first KGCS Pioneer Broadcaster Award is received by Ruth I. Kolpin.

Dr. Carolyn M. Hale chairs the Visual Communication Commission of the Speech Communication Association.

Kezhen Liu, Director of Technical Services for the Administrative Bureau of Radio Stations, Beijing, China, is a visiting scholar in the department for the academic year under the Fulbright program.

August 23-24, 1996  
Third faculty Retreat is held at Thousand Hills Golf Resort, Branson, MO.

July 1996 
The International Language Resource Center is established with Dr. Tatiana Karmanova as its first Director.

May 9, 1996
Retirement dinner is  held for Dr. Harold Bodon, professor of German and French completing 25 years at MSSC, and Dr. Vernon Peterson, professor of Spanish, completing 17 years at MSSC.

March 1996
Judy Stiles receives the National Advisor of the Year Award.

The Chart is named the Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper in the nation by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Fall 1995
31 students take Dr. Allen Merriam's interdisciplinary Honors course on war, marking the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.

May 22-23, 1995
The second faulty Retreat, at Shangri-La Resort, Afton, Okla.

K57DR converts to KGCS-LP.

Dr. Robert Clark chairs the Student Media Advisors Division of the Broadcast Education Association in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fall 1993
The first Crossroads Magazine iss published, supplanting the traditional yearbook. Jean Campbell is the advisor.

Judy Stiles becomes General Manager of K57DR.

September 24, 1992 
Webster Hall is dedicated. The $7.5 million, 65,000 sq. ft. building houses 32 classrooms, 25 offices, a telecommunications complex, print media labs, recital hall and a state-of-the-art language lab. For the first time, all departmental activities are under one roof.

1992-1993  -  First academic year awards presented by KGCS to Eric Smith - Student of the Year, Brian Hirsch - Volunteer of the Year, Live on Tape - Program of the Year.

April 1991  -  Judy Stiles receives the National Advisor of the Year Award.

June 15, 1990  -  The Board of Regents adopts an international mission for MSSC.

April 1990 
Three student members of the new chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho attend national convention in Orlando, FL.

April 1990
Scott Lane receives a national scholarship from AERho which later became NBS.

January 1990
Jeffrey D. Skibbe becomes the second General Manager of KXMS.

Marie Capps launches a Public Speaking Apprehension Assessment of our Oral Communication classes.
The longitudinal study eventually included nearly 4,000 students over seven years, and shows a significant decrease in fear by the end of the course.

May 15-16, 1989 
11 faculty attend  the first departmental Retreat at Western Hills Guest Ranch, Wagoner, Okla. Activities are led by the Assessment Committee, chaired by Dr. Karolyn Yocum.

November 1988 
Missouri Southern establishes a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the national student broadcasting society.

November 1988 
Charter received for a chapter of the National Broadcasting Society and Alpha Epsilon Rho, the national honor society for students majoring in electronic media. Dr. Karolyn Yocum is the organizing sponsor.

Fall 1988 
KXMS begins carrying the Beethoven Network overnight service.

January 1988
Obtaining a broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission, MSTV begins over-the-air television as K57DR-LP.

Dr. Vernon L. ("Ben") Peterson's book, "Idea y representacion literaria en la Narrativa de Rene Marques," is published in Madrid, Spain.

November 10, 1987  
About 500 people attend a performance of Gordon Myers' musical drama, "They Made a Constitution!"  Dr. Allen Merriam organizes the event in which 31 area leaders have speaking roles, augmenting the 76-voice Choral Society directed by Dr. Al Carnine. The performance celebrates both the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution and the 50th anniversary of Missouri Southern.

May 1987 
Bobbie Short retires, having taught English and speech communication at Missouri Southern since 1965.

November 21, 1986 
The MSTV Administrative Board meets for the first time. Dr. Karolyn Yocum is elected chair.

August 1986
Robert Harris becomes music director of KXMS.

April 5, 1986  
Radio Station KXMS begins broadcasting with classical music programming at 88.7 FM. Dr. Robert Clark is the first manager. All programming was local with student announcers from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

April 1986
Judy Stiles begins hosting the "Newsmakers" program on MSTV.

July 31-Aug. 17 1985 
Dr. Harold ("Hal") Bodon, soccer coach, leads the MSSC soccer team on a tour to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Dr. Allen Merriam participates in the trip.

May 3, 1985 
Jean Campbell receives the first annual "Excellence in Communications" Scholarship.

September 1984 
Missouri Southern Television (MSTV) a cable-only station, begins broadcasting under the direction of Dr. Robert Clark. It launched coverage of Joplin City Council meetings this same year. Students produced the programs. Tim Dry hosts  "News Makers."

May 13, 1983
The first majors in the department graduate. They included Greg Fisher, Greg Holmes, Brenda Michael, Kelly Phillips and Jill Stephens.

May 2, 1980
The Department is officially established. It includes Modern Languages. There are seven full-time faculty: three in speech, three in language, and one in journalism. Richard W. Massa, (M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia) chairs the department.