Communication Staff and Student Help

The Department of Communication has a staff of highly skilled professionals to operate some technical divisions of the department and/or to provide professional leadership for students in other activities.

Staff members include:

Mr. Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt

Broadcast Engineer

Webster 162, 417-625-3192


Mr. Bill Hunt

Bill HuntDirector of Creative Services for KGCS

Webster 136, 417-625-3183 


Mrs. Nancy Ellis

Mrs. Nancy EllisSecretary, Department of Communication Webster 361, 417-625-9580



Mr. Donald Ross

Donald RossChief Broadcast Engineer.
Webster 162, 417-625-9666


Mr. Jeffrey Skibbe

Jeffrey SkibbeGeneral Manager for 88.7 KXMS/Fine Arts Radio International ®.

Webster 144, 417-625-9678
Radio Station 417-625-9356 

Ms. Judy Stiles

Judy StilesGeneral Manager for KGCS.
Webster 131, 417-625-9777
TV Studio 417-625-3111