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Art Department

Working in three dimensions

Sculpture at MSSU focuses on the conceptual, technical, and formal aspects of three dimensional art. Sculpture students develop skills in traditional media (wood, metal, and plaster) and investigate non-traditional media (multi-media, installation, experimental techniques and materials). Students also develop an understanding of their relationship to contemporary and historical art movements, theory, issues, and artists.

The sculpture facility is composed of two separate studios allowing students to work with a variety of materials and processes. In contemporary sculptural practice every material that exists has potential for being utilized as a sculptural element. By embracing this plurality we allow our students to develop their own uniquely suited ways of expression.

The main classroom serves as a multi-functional studio for working with a variety of materials including plaster and wood. It includes heavy-duty work tables and professional-grade power band saw, Drill press, combination sander, jointer, planer, miter saw, cabinet table saw as well as a variety of hand tools and wood clamps.

The sculpture annex is a metal shop for welding and cutting steel and includes an oxyacetylene torch/welding manifold system, metal cutting and grinding equipment, a sandblasting cabinet, and welding equipment including a plasma cutting torch, one metal inert gas (MIG), one Miller tungsten inert gas (TIG), and four shielded metal arc (stick) welders. The annex also houses a MIFCO Speedy-Melt furnace and crucibles for casting bronze or aluminum, and a casting pit including a sand Muller. Students also have access to an outdoor courtyard for working on larger projects.