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 Dr. Josie MaiDr. Josie Mai, Associate Professor of Art, has published a book entitled Small Art Big Love: A Community Art and Writing Project. This work pairs artwork from several Joplin- area artists as well as others with writings from Missouri Southern students majoring in art. The main focus of the book was to depict what living, loving, and working in a community could look like. “Artists don’t live in a vacuum anymore,” she says. “Gone are the days of the old bearded exclusively-male painter alone in his studio. 21st century artists are selling their own work online, incorporating digital media, opening their own galleries or storefronts, teaching innovative classes for all ages, and making art on the street. National and state funding for artists is rare in this economic climate, so artists are working together, often creating together.”

Charlie NodlerCharles Nodler, Professor of Library Science, published a book entitled The Mean Green. The book focuses on Missouri Southern’s 1972 national champion football team. “Missouri Southern was the first college in the state to win a national championship in football,” Charles comments. “The 1972 team was the first Missouri Southern team to beat a Division I team when they defeated the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Also, it was the first team to have its coach (Jim Frazier) named NAIA National Coach of the Year. Additionally, it was the first Missouri Southern four year football team to beat Pitt State.” The Lions had a 12-0 winning season. An NAIA All-American award went to Terron Jackson (First Team) and Honorable Mention honors went to Jack Duda, Barry Korner, Jack Varns and Terry Starks.

Dr. Norton WheelerDr. Norton Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Social Science, published a book The Role of American NGOs in China’s Modernization: Invited Influence with Routledge Press in 2012. In addition to numerous visits to China between 1991 and 2010, he and his wife lived there for nearly three years, from December 2003 through July 2006. “At the end of a prior career in business, I had an assignment to set up a factory in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, about 50 miles west of Shanghai,” he states. “In addition to fulfilling my business duties, I completed some of the research for my doctoral dissertation, which eventually became this book.” He says China over the past three decades has actively sought models, advice and material assistance from the United States and other advanced countries – though the Chinese typically adapt and modify these foreign inputs to suit their own conditions and priorities.

Dr. Achala TiwariDr. Achala Tiwari, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of English, has published a book entitled V.S.Naipaul and his Trilogy on India: Images of India in V.S.Naipaul’s Writings on India. “Creative writers in a colonial society face some peculiar challenges,” Dr. Tiwari says. “They are caught in a situation which demands from them to establish a personal identity and also a sense of belonging to a language medium primarily that of the colonizer. The tragedy of a colonial society over which an alien culture and language superimposes itself is that, the natives face conceptually the problem of existentialist situation to define and authenticate themselves on their own terms. There comes to light not only the difference between the oppressor and the oppressed but also the tremendous cultural impact this kind of situation has on the minds of sensitive writers.”

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