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Master of Arts in Teaching

Offered through a Partnership Between
Missouri State University
Missouri Southern State University


About the Program

The Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is the product of a partnership between Missouri State University and Missouri Southern State University. The MAT program is an "Alternative Certification Program" as defined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) which allows students to obtain their teaching certificate AND a Master's Degree in the same program.  This program was originally designed to enable people considering a mid-life career change to pursue certification in an area of Secondary Education similar to their undergraduate degree program and/or work experience. This program provides career professionals, who may not have chosen teaching as their original career path, the opportunity to enter the classroom as teachers.

All candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in a field closely related to the area pursued in certification.  The program involves an intensive eight-week summer course that focuses on the fundamental knowledge, skills, and dispositions of teaching, followed by course-work in content and methodology.  Participating candidates will enroll in classes from both institutions.

Since the MAT program is an "Accelerated" or "Alternative" route to certification, as defined by DESE, it is strictly sequenced and cannot be completed one course at a time while working full-time outside the field of education.  However, this program WAS designed for those who desire to teach full-time in the high school setting on a Provisional Certificate while pursuing certification.

Since the MAT program has a competitive admissions policy and can only admit a certain number of students each summer, the following criteria are considered when selecting students for this program:

Those students who are accepted into the MAT will take a 39 hour core of education courses, and will have to complete content area coursework in the subject area they will be teaching. (For recent graduates and those without significant work experience in their field, additional content and teaching methodology coursework may be required.)

All general education requirements are waived for MAT students per the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) rule for Alternative Certification Programs.

Curriculum/Degree Requirements:

The professional education courses must all be taken at the graduate level, and are strictly sequenced. Everyone who enrolls in the MAT program must start during a summer semester.

Master of Arts in Teaching 

        Prior to first summer, complete content area coursework. 
        To review undergraduate coursework requirements:
    SUMMER   CrHrs
    SFR 797 Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning 9
    Portfolio Checkpoint #1  
    SEC 783 Internship in Teaching I 3
    RDG 710 Content Area Literacy 3
    MID 725* Advanced Theory & Practice in the Teaching of Early Adolescents 3
    PSY 710 Psychology of Education 3
    SEC 784 Internship in Teaching II (Student Teaching) 10
    SEC 785 Internship in Teaching III 1
    EDT 662 Educational Applications of Computers for Teaching (online only) 3
    SPE 715 Foundations in Special Education 3
    Portfolio Checkpoint #2  
      Students with completed content will be CERTIFIED at this point. 35-38
    SFR 780 Educational Research Methodology 3
    EDC 786 Research Seminar in Education 2
      Students earn Master of Arts in Teaching degree 40-43
      *adding Middle School certification  

Financial Aid:  Students who wish to apply for financial aid for the MAT graduate programs will contact Missouri State University. 

Advising procedures/information:  All admitted students are advised by their Master of Arts in Teaching advisor at Missouri State University.  Enrollment in classes held on the MSSU campus will be advised through the Teacher Education graduate program coordinator.

Admissions Qualifications and Requirements and Application Process:  Information regarding admissions requirements and the details of the program may be found on the Missouri State University web site.

Contact Us

Dr. Maggie Beachner

Teacher Education Graduate Program Coordinator
Taylor Hall #229B
Phone: 417-625-3079