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Dr. Dave “The Curlmaster” Smith

Dr. Dave Smith

Dr. David Smith began his teaching career at Missouri Southern’s Robert W. Plaster School of Business in 1995. Prior to teaching, he was a tax manager at Deloitte and Touche in Chicago and Minneapolis and also worked as a consultant for Texas Instruments. Dr. Smith sat for and passed the CPA exam on his first attempt in 1984. He currently serves as the department head for Accounting and Finance, and holds the record as the only athlete to bring home a silver medal in curling using only a leaf blower.

Dr. Jennifer “SlopeStyle” Dennis

Dr. Jennifer “SlopeStyle” Dennis

The head of the Biology Department at Missouri Southern, Dr. Jennifer Dennis’ teaching responsibilities include oral histology and embryology, human anatomy and physiology and general biology. Her advising areas include pre-medicine, pre-physician assistant and pre-dental. She’s known in the slopestyle world for her switch-stance, 1080 spin rotations and challenging mute, indy, melon and stalefish grabs while taking her snowboard over a jib feature. We don’t actually know what any of that means, but it sounds awesome.

Dr. Jim “The Flame” Lile

Dr. Jim Lile joined the theatre faculty at Missouri Southern in the fall of 2004. He now serves as the department chair for Theatre. He brings a wealth of teaching, acting, directing, and design experience gathered over three decades from schools and theatres in Texas, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. The coach for Team MOSO, Lile disputes allegations that he lit the 2006 Olympic cauldron in Turin, Italy, with a Kingsford grill lighter after accidentally extinguishing the torch.

Dr. Pat “The Luginator” Lipira

The Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs at Missouri Southern, Dr. Pat Lipira’s areas of responsibility include: the School of Arts & Science, School of Education, Robert W. Plaster School of Business, School of Health Sciences, Assessment & Institutional Research, First-Year Experience and Honors Program. Controversy erupted during the 2010 winter games when Dr. Lipira’s luge hit 88 mph and tore through the space-time continuum, reaching the end of the track a full five minutes before she began.

Dr. John “The Gold” Groesbeck

Dr. John Groesbeck was appointed to be the Dean of the Robert W. Plaster School of Business beginning June 2012. Dr. Groesbeck was also named the John R. Kuhn, Jr. Professor of Business and Economics in recognition of authoring more than 60 professional and academic projects and papers. Prior to serving at Missouri Southern, Dr. Groesbeck was Dean of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business and Professor of Economics at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Should Team MOSO medal during the winter games, Dr. Groesbeck plans to challenge the IRS in court over its policy that the cash prize accompanying the medal is taxed as income earned abroad.

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