What we offer

Wellness Series

  • Hosted bi-weekly each semester. The topics and/or delivery methods change each semester.
  • Free food and giveaways!!
  • Tuesday nights beginning at 5:15p, and last no more than 1 hour.
  • Open to the MSSU community and their guests.

For more information or to suggest ideas for future series.

Spring 2013 Semester

Session 1: January 29th (BSC 341)

  • What can Wellness do for you? (Speaker: Heather Arnold, MSSU Aquatics & Wellness Director)
    An introduction to the 7 aspects of Wellness & what MSSU offers to help you achieve a well-rounded life.

Session 2: February 12th (BSC 343)

  • What Makes a Healthy Relationship? (Speaker: Sarah Neldeberg, MSSU Counselor/Advisor)
    Learn how to communicate, show mutual respect, etcetera. We will be going over signs that could indicate health, as well as if something could be wrong.

Session 3: February 26th (BSC 343)

  • Nutrition (Speaker: Susan Pittman, Freeman Health System Dietician)

Session 4: March 12th (BSC 343)

  • 10 Tips to Partying...Safely (Speaker: Sarah Neldeberg, MSSU Counselor/Advisor)
    "Yes, it's true: a majority of college students do use alcohol. However, you might be surprised to know that it's not as much or as frequent as the perception. Nine out of 10 Missouri college students don't use alcohol more than three times per week, and most students do not drink 5 or more drinks in one setting. (Data from MCHBS, 2010, n=7813) We'll discuss the best tips on partying legal and lowering risk(s)."

Session 5: March 26th (BSC 243)

  • Financial Planning (Speaker: Nathan Vainio, MSSU Alumni/Financial Planner)

Session 6: April 9th (BSC 343)

  • Diversity (Speaker: Rikki Smith, MSSU Coordinator of Service Learning)

Session 7: April 23rd (BSC 243)

  • ALICE Training (Speaker: Ken Kennedy, MSSU Police Chief)
    "The University Police Department uses the A.L.I.C.E (Alert/Lockdown/Inform/Counter/Evacuater) training to teach students how to survive if they were to be confronted by a violent person with a weapon in a group setting. The "swarm" method (a technique for distracting and securing an attacker) is only used as a last resort when students are trapped and escape isn't possible."