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State Legislation Requirements

Transfer policies posted apply only to how courses transfer into Missouri Southern State University.  For questions about how Missouri Southern State University courses transfer to other institutions, please contact that institution directly.

Section 170.011 of the Revised Statues of Missouri, 1989, prescribe that all candidates for a degree issued by the colleges and universities of Missouri must have "satisfactorily passed an examination of the provisions and principles of the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Missouri and in American History and in American Institutions."

All students who have completed the general education curriculum requirements with courses taken at Missouri Southern meet the requirements of Missouri Law.

Out-of-state transfer and post-graduate students who do not complete their general education curriculum with courses taken at Missouri Southern may comply with the law by:

  • Completing course at MSSU embracing the subject matter specified by the law and receiving credit therein, preferably before admission to senior college work; or
  • Fulfilling the requirements through the state's 42 general education agreement per transfer transcript.
  • Fulfilling the requirements through a baccalaureate degree earned from an accredited Missouri public college or university.
  • Fulfilling the requirements through a degree earned from an accredited college or university, either outside the state of Missouri, at a Missouri private college or from a foreign institution considered equivalent to a U.S. baccalaureate degree and passing a special examination on the Missouri Constitution. If the student has not taken a U.S. history (equivalent to HIST 110 or 120) and political science (equivalent to PSC 120) during their first degree, they must take these courses at MSSU in order to satisfy degree requirements through MSSU.
  • Students earning degrees from foreign institutions, equivalent to a U.S. degree, must complete PSC 120 and one history course from HIST 110 or 120.

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