Presidential Search Committee

Fifteen guide search for next President at MSSU

Fifteen members of the campus and community serve on the committee to guide the search for the next Pesident at Missouri Southern State University.

The committee convened for the first time in late January 2014.

Members of the committee, which will is co-chaired by Board of Governors member Dr. Sherry Buchanan and former Board member Richard Walter, are:

Aaron Baker, Rogers, Ark., representing MSSU alumni.
Rob O'Brian, Joplin, representing the community.
Chris D. Churchwell, Joplin, representing the Missouri Southern Foundation.
Doug Crandall, Joplin, representing the community.
Judy Day, Neosho, representing the community.
Raymond Dunaway, Galena, Kan., representing the MSSU student body.
Dr. Joy Dworkin, Joplin, representing the MSSU faculty.
• Jim Fleischaker, representing the MSSU Board of Governors.
• Darren Fullerton, Joplin, representing the MSSU administration.
Alicia Hughes, Joplin, representing the MSSU staff.
Dr. Charles McGinty, Joplin, representing the community.
Dr. Chad Stebbins, Joplin, representing the MSSU faculty.
Mike Wilson, Joplin, representing the Lionbackers.

The committee formally received its charge during the Board of Governors meeting on Jan. 17, 2014.

The committee heard reports from public focus groups held on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 and Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 in Connor Ballroom at Billingsly Student Center. The focus groups considered questions such as what the vision should be for the university, and what skills, traits and experience Missouri Southern should look for in a new President.

"The Board of Governors recognizes this search is one of the most important things we can do, and we appreciate the committee's help in moving forward," said Dr. Buchanan.