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Academic and Faculty Positions

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Missouri Southern State University is a state-supported, comprehensive university offering programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Central to our mission is a strong commitment to international education, liberal arts, professional and pre-professional programs, and the complementary relationship that must exist among them to prepare individuals for success in careers and distance learning.

The faculty and staff of Missouri Southern State University emphasize quality teaching and learning as the most important attributes of the University, complemented by scholarly and creative expression and collaboration with the University’s support staff to enhance the overall educational experience of students. The University leads the intellectual, creative, cultural, and economic advancement of our communities.

Applicants interested in working at MSSU should support the strategic direction of the University and be committed to working and engaging student learning; collaborating with other campus professionals and staff to create an atmosphere of community; and working to make MSSU a premier University for our students and an employer of choice.

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