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TV Guide

  • Select “What’s On TV” and click "TV Listings".
  • On the TV Listings page, click “Change My Listings”.
  • Enter the zip code: 64801
  • Select “Cable One of Joplin"
  • Select “Channel 6” for KGCS-TV

Local and National Programming

KGCS provides programming from the Youtoo America Network, as well as local programs serving the Joplin Region.


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Local programs include:

  • interview shows
  • sports coverage
  • governmental coverage


Students assist with local productions, gaining valuable hands-on experience.


 News programs: 

kgcs football announcers

football field

Local programming includes:

  • News programs:  Newsmakers, Public Forums, live and recorded coverage of Joplin City Council Meetings, coverage of MSSU Board of Governors meetings
  • Sports programs:  Recorded coverage of MSSU football and basketball games
  • Missouri Southern programs: Missouri Southern Lecture Series, Missouri Southern Music Presentations
  • Local interest programs: Chamber Chat, Joplin Insider,  and Joplin School Board meetings

National programming includes:

  • Youtoo America:  Children's and youth programming, lifestyle programming, classic and Western movies.
  • Classic Arts Showcase:  Highlights of music classical arts productions