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Awarding of Financial Aid

The awarding of financial aid depends on several factors which effect whether a student will receive funds.

The first area is that of student eligibility. A student must meet all of the eligibility requirements. However, it should be noted that just because a student is determined eligible does not mean they will receive funds.

The second factor in awarding funds is whether the applicant has all of the appropriate documents or electronic data on file with the correct information on the document or electronic file. In selected applicants data must be verified before the applicant will be considered for assistance.

The third factor that may affect the awarding of funds is whether the applicant has met the appropriate priority date or deadline for complete aid applications. They may have been determined eligible, but did not meet the required date, thus resulting in no assistance. Finally, when funds are limited and there are more applicants than funds available eligible students are ranked from lowest EFC to highest EFC.

Since Federal regulations require funds to go to the students with the highest need, some students may not receive funds.

As previously stated, all applicants must be determined eligible, complete and meet the appropriate priority date or deadlines for campus based assistance. It should be noted that students are allowed a large degree of choice as long as funds are available; however, if funds are not available the aid officer will, at his discretion, award funds to best fit the applicant.

In addition, it should be noted the awarding process is not complete until late in the year because of necessary adjustment in aid packages. Likewise, additional transactions may cause additional awards to be made to students. The aid officer will adjust any aid package to reflect new sources of income, to correct student or institutional error, and to reflect adjustment in student cost of attendance.

The general priority date for campus based aid is Feb. 15 for the fall semester and March 1st for the Patron Scholarship program. March 1st is the priority date for the summer semester. It should be noted that applications are processed prior to the deadline on a first come first serve basis beginning on February 15.

Those students with the lowest EFC in all categories of cost are awarded until funds are expended.