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Advising, Counseling, and Testing Department

The ACTS Department implements prevention services to encourage, support, and promote healthy living for all students.  We seek to make students aware of the issues associated with unhealthy behaviors through education and up-to-date information.  Our goal is to educate students to help them make responsible and safe choices! 

We work with many departments on campus, including Student Activities , Resident Hall Association, and Wellness , as well as state wide partners and programs to assist in the dissemination of the information.  We also utilize peer educators because we believe students play a unique role in encouraging their peers to be safe.

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Student Health 101 Magazine



Social Norming Campaign

Students often drink to the extent that they think their peers are drinking.  At the same time, they overestimate how much their peers are drinking.  As a result, they drink to keep up with an imaginary peer group that does not exist.  If we educate them as to how their peers actually drink, students will, in fact, drink less.  Missouri Southern's social norming campaign is called "Everybody's Doing It?"  and we work hard to get the message to students.  All information is taken from the MCHBS survey, which is given annually to Missouri Southern students. 

For more information on social norming, visit the National Social Norms Institute.