Before Arrival

Students from JapanNow that you have applied and been accepted to MSSU...

Step One:

Obtain your student VISA!

Step Two:

Get Health Insurance and required immunizations

  • Detailed health insurance information from LewerMark student programs
  • U.S. law requires all international students to maintain worldwide health insurance. In order for MSSU to ensure all international students have adequate coverage for the entire duration of their study program, all MSSU international students will be automatically enrolled in the university’s health plan upon enrollment.  Insurance premiums will cost approximately $372 for the fall semester, and $551 for spring and summer sessions combined.
  • MSSU requires that ALL students be immunized against Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and receive a Tuberculosis (TB) test. You may obtain these services at our Health Center if you cannot provide proof of immunization in English at the time of registration.

Step Three:

Buy Your Airline Ticket.

  • Fly into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to book a direct flight to the Joplin airport on American Airlines.
  • You are required to fill out the airport pick-up service form to guarantee transportation to your home.

Step Four:

Pack your bags with these packing suggestions.

Immigration Materials
  • Passport, Visa, I-20 or DS-2019
  • Documentation of Financial support
  • IMPORTANT - You should convert your currency to U.S. dollars at your port of entry into the U.S., as it is very difficult to do so in Joplin.
Materials from MSSU
  • Letter of admission
  • Scholarships or financial aid award letters
  • Contact information for International Student Services, +1.417.625.9372
Other Items
  • Clothes that will suit the Midwestern Joplin climate
  • At least one pair of good walking shoes
  • Laptop, camera, iPod, calculator, etc.
  • List of emergency phone numbers for home and MSSU
Health Records and Medications
  • Records of required immunizations
  • Prescription drugs
  • List of allergies