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Preparing students for dynamic leadership and responsible citizenship is the mission of the Department of Social Sciences. The department provides students with the opportunity to cultivate critical thinking, communication and technological skills that will continue to be of value in the complex world of the 21st century. The faculty offers substantive instruction and intellectual challenge within the Social Sciences. The department emphasizes opportunities to engage in the international world in support of the University’s international mission. Finally, the Department of Social Sciences builds bridges to the local community through academic internships, public events, partnerships with local institutions and sponsorship of academic programs and events for local schools’ students and teachers.

A B.A. or B.S. in Sociology prepares you for a wide variety of occupations and graduate programs. We offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology, a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sociology or Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) with a major emphasis in Sociology. The B.S.E. certifies you to teach Junior High or High School.

Sociology graduates pursue many, many different careers including (but not limited to) those in human and social services, human resources, business or teaching. Many sociology graduates go on to get Master's degrees or PhD in social work, sociology, or counseling, but our sociology majors have also gone into law school and medical school.

A minor in sociology provides students majoring in other areas with specialized interpersonal, group and organizational knowledge and skills.

What Can I Do With A Degree In Sociology?

Sociology is an extremely flexible and useful degree that teaches skills necessary in a variety of fields and jobs.

The following people all started their careers by earning a degree in sociology:

  • The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • President Ronald Reagan
  • Several current members of Congress
  • TV host Regis Philbin
  • NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Theisman
  • First Lady (and attorney) Michelle Obama
  • Sportscaster and former NFL player Ahmad Rashad
  • Fortune 500 CEO Brad Anderson

What do MSSU graduates do with their sociology degree?

As you can see, a degree in sociology can be a springboard leading in many different directions. A few years ago we contacted some MSSU Sociology graduates to find out what jobs they were holding. These are just some of their responses:

  • Accountant Payroll Clerk
  • Admissions Coordinator
  • Pharmacist Assistant
  • Attorney
  • Production Manager
  • Caseworker
  • Registered Nurse Manager
  • Church Administrator
  • Rehab Educator
  • College Professor
  • School Manager
  • Deputy Juvenile Officer
  • Social Services Director
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Social Worker
  • Loan Officer
  • Teacher
  • Store Manager
  • Youth Pastor

Prepare for Graduate Study

Many of our graduates go on to advanced studies. Sociology graduates from MSSU have gone on to earn:

  • Teaching certification in the State of Missouri
  • Master’s degrees in Sociology, Criminal Justice, Communications, Geography, Political Science, and a variety of other related fields
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • MSW (Master of Social Work)
  • M.D. (Medical School)
  • Juris Doctorate in Law (Law School)
  • PhD in Sociology, Public Policy, Geography, Communications, History, Political Science, and a variety of other related fields

The ASA is the national association for sociologists in the United States today. This website contains information about careers and jobs, along with just about anything else you might want to know about sociology.Anyone interested in learning more about the sort of jobs one can get with a degree in sociology should check out the following link: The official website of the American Sociological Association.

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