International Communication & Commerce

International Communication & Commerce

The major in International Studies is for those students who want to experience the planet Earth and to help shape its future. It's for those who want to be involved with all the efforts to improve life on our planet by encouraging peaceful negotiations among nations, sustainable business and agricultural practices, accessible education, an appreciation of the arts and a recognition of basic human rights.

It's for those who want to make a world of difference. It is a challenging and rigorous major calling upon many fields of studies—languages, history, economics, sociology, the sciences, the arts, political science, technology, the health professions, criminal justice, education, psychology, among others.

You will be required to become proficient in a foreign language above and beyond that required for other degree programs.

You may also be interested in: Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), Communication, Economics, Foreign Language, International Business, International Studies

International Studies Department

Dr. Chad Stebbins
Department Head
Webster Hall 337A
3950 E. Newman Rd.
Joplin, MO 64801
Phone: 417.625.3012