Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geophysics – first 2 years of study

Geophysics studies the underlying forces responsible for geologic processes and develops the technology for probing the subsurface and interior of the earth. Professional geophysicists work to understand:

  • the nature of volcanic eruptions
  • the behavior and potential prediction of earthquakes
  • the mechanisms behind continental drift
  • how to better predict the behavior of the atmosphere
  • how to develop technologies to search for new mineral and energy resources

Cooperative transfer program

Missouri Southern State University's Physical Science Department participates in a cooperative transfer program with the Missouri University of Science & Technology. The program allows you to:

  • Complete the first 2 years of study toward a Bachelor of Science degree in either geology or geophysics at MSSU
  • Transfer to Missouri S&T for the last 2 years

The cooperative transfer program is adaptable so that you may also complete the degree at the University of Missouri at Columbia or at Missouri State University in Springfield.

You may also be interested in: Chemistry, Geology, Physics

Geology and Geophysics

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