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Program Special Fees

Respiratory Student

Additional Information Regarding Fees

In addition to established fees for all university students, other costs are incurred by respiratory therapy students such as:

--All MSSU fees apply including, textbook rental fees, equipment use fee, student activity fee, parking fee, record fee, and student ID fee. Refer to MSSU schedule book for current fee prices.
--All fees are subject to change. MSSU/FTC reserves the right to add or change fees without notice.

MSSU/FTC Respiratory Care Schedule of Fees

Fees charged to MSSU student account

Missouri Resident $173.20
Textbook Rental fee (per Cr. Hr.) $12
Purchase Books (estimate) $600
Laboratory Kit $90
Special Course Fees
1st & 2nd semester $700
3rd semester $564
Clinical Liability Insurance (ea. yr.) $17.50
National Exam Review Course $325
Self Assessment Exams $45
National Board Exam (CRT) $190
National Board Exam (RRT) $340

Student out of pocket expense

Program Application Fee $70
(includes HOBET & Background)
Drug screen, 14 panel $75
Uniform-scrubs, shoes $135
Respiratory Conference Fees $250
(registration & lodging)
AARC membership $50
Respiratory Care Pin (optional) $40
(upon graduation)
Required Immunizations Varies**