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Master of Science in Nursing


Masters of Science in Nursing

About The Degree

Welcome to the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, a part of the Department of Nursing at MSSU. The MSN degree offers a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) option. The University’s graduate nursing program focuses on the assessment, management, and delivery of health care services to individuals and families across the lifespan. This unique program is the product of a partnership between Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) and Missouri Southern State University (MSSU). Participating students will enroll in classes at MSSU with some courses being team taught by faculty at both institutions.

The MSN curricula is offered in blended formats which include hybrid, online, and some face-to-face components.  The five-semester  program starts in the fall semester and includes one summer semester, with total semester course load varying from 7-10 credit hours per semester.  Students complete the degree as a full-time student.

A total of 43 credit hours plus successful completion of a capstone experience is required. In the 8.5 clinical credit hours that is included in the total 43 for the FNP program, students complete 765 clock hours of clinical experiences. 

Should a student drop from the program for any reason, readmission or continuation is based upon seat availability and faculty review.

What You will Learn

The MSN program prepares you for the delivery of advanced nursing care and for critical investigation, integration, and synthesis of scientific knowledge in primary health care. MSN preparation also provides you with a foundation for doctoral study. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to register for a national certification examination for the Family Nurse Practitioner.

Why this Degree is Right for You

The MSN-FNP program is designed to allow you the opportunity to obtain your MSN while working full time.

What You Must Do to Get Started

To apply for this program you must complete the following steps:

Mail the above information to:

                  MSSU Department of Nursing
                  3950 E. Newman Road
                  Joplin, MO 64801

Continuation into the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty courses (NS638 and NS649) requires grades of B or higher in NS625, NS636, NS628, and NS629.

The MSSU Department of Nursing admission committee will determine your admission status to the Cooperative Master of Science in Nursing program at the Joplin site. The MSSU Coordinator of MSN Studies will notify you of acceptance or non-acceptance to the program.

Student policies for this Cooperative Program will become available as they are documented.  You are responsible for reviewing and adhering to these policies. If you have questions about records and transcripts contact Cheryl Dobson at 417-625-9389 or visit the Registrar’s Office in Hearnes Hall 100 to request a transcript.

Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner Program                      

Course Number and Course Title    Credit Hours
NS601 Informatics for Advanced Nursing Roles 3
NS602  Quality and Safety in Advanced Nursing Roles 3
NS604  Evidence-Based Practice:  Synthesis and Translation   3
NS610  Policy, Politics, and Advocacy in Advanced Nursing Roles 3
NS625  Advanced Pharmacology 4
NS628  Health Assessment     3.5
NS603 Organizational & System Leadership for Advanced Nursing Roles 3
NS629  Advanced Health Assessment Practicum   0.5
NS636  Advanced Pathophysiology   4
NS642  Advanced Roles Seminar   2
NS638  Primary Care I 3
NS648  Primary Care II    3
NS649  Primary Care II Practicum     4
NS659  Primary Care III Clinical Role Practicum  4

Admissions Qualifications and Requirements

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements for admission: