Engineering Technology

Industrial Technology Education (ITE)

Program Discontinuation Pending.  No new student enrollment permitted.

Program Mission:

To develop Industrial Technology Education majors who are reflective educators for a global society.

Industrial Technology Education is a program that prepares students to teach at the Middle School or High School level. The program of study has foundations in problem-based learning utilizing math, science and technology principles. Industrial Technology Education students will study areas involving the following concepts:

  • Designing, developing, and utilizing technological systems.
  • Open-ended, problem-based design activities.
  • Cognitive, manipulative, and effective learning strategies.
  • Applying technological knowledge and processes to real world experiences using up-to-date resources.
  • Working individually as well as in a team to solve problems.

The Industrial Technology Education degree has certifications for both middle school (grades 5-9) and secondary (grades 9-12).

The student who desires to teach in a secondary school will have a single teaching field.