Bachelor of Science
in CIS

Bachelor of Science in CIS Options

 The six Bachelor of Science in CIS alternatives prepare the student for graduate school or entry-level positions such as systems programmer, systems analyst, applications programmer, database administrator, bioinformatics specialist, computer forensics analyst, user support specialist, network administrator, or website administrator.

Information Technology

Information Technology is a flexible curriculum that provides for a Supporting Concentration from another field (selected by the student and advisor) as well as additional depth in CIS coursework.

Information Systems

Information Systems is distinguished by selected courses that develop the student’s understanding of an organization’s information requirements and procedures for designing and implementing an information system that will facilitate its management.

Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics meets the requirements for a double major in Computer Information Science and Mathematics. The student takes CIS and mathematics classes that develop an expertise in applied mathematics and the theoretical foundations of computer science. Such knowledge is required to design and implement computer solutions for a wide range of problems encountered in science and engineering


Bioinformatics provides for a double major in Computer Information Science and Biology. Bioinformatics is an emerging discipline that is concerned with designing and implementing computational algorithms for managing, processing, and analyzing databases of genetic sequences.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics fulfills the requirements for a double major in Computer Information Science and Criminal Justice Administration. Cyber attacks, hacking, and other computer-based criminal activities cost businesses and government organizations billions of dollars each year. Computer Forensics involves techniques for securing computer networks as a precaution against criminal threat. In addition, it includes the identification, extraction, preservation, and documentation of computer evidence for the purpose of identifying and prosecuting perpetrators of computer-based crime.

Computer Technology

The Computer Technology option not only meets the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in CIS, but also qualifies the student for an Associate of Science degree in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology (DDET).

In addition to these options, the Computer Information Science Department and the School of Business Administration have developed a curriculum alternative that will qualify the student for a Bachelor of Science in CIS, along with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a selected emphasis such as accounting, finance and economics, marketing, management, international business, or general business.