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Political Science Degree (B.S.)


Degree Requirements

Course Listings   Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 46-47* 43-44
Computer Literacy Requirement-determined by Social Science Department     3
Political Science Requirements   21
PSC 120 Government: U.S., State and Local 3  
PSC 201 Introduction to Political Science 3  
PSC 305 Social Science Statistics 3  
PSC 306 Political Science Research Methods 3  
PSC 411 Political Theory    
PSC 412 Contemporary Political Thought 3  
PSC 495 Directed Research 3  
PSC 496 Internship 3  
Select two courses from the following:   6
PSC 321 International Relations    
PSC 322 International Law    
PSC 330 Comparative Politics: Developed Countries    
PSC 332 Comparative Politics: Developing Countries    
Select one course from the following   3
PSC 310 Law, Society and the Judicial Process    
PSC 431 Constitutional Law I    
PSC 432 Constitutional Law II    
Select one course from the following   3
PSC 301 Political Parties and Elections    
PSC 302 Public Opinion and Pressure Groups    
PSC 311 American Presidency    
PSC 312 Legislative Process    
Select at least four additional 300-400 level Political Science courses**   12
General Electives (a minor is recommended)
Total   124***

*Political Science 120 satisfies major requirements and 3 hours of General Education Requirements.

**Chosen in consultation with an advisor

***Must include at least 40 Upper Division (300-400 level) hours.