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Percussion Program

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Applied percussion studies and percussion ensemble activities are designed to develop the highest level of musicianship, performance, and teaching skills appropriate to the curriculum of each student.

Musical performance skills and pedagogical concepts will be acquired through the following:

Preparation and performance of a cross-section of literature in all areas of percussion

  • Snare drum (rudimental and orchestral styles)

  • Marimba, vibes, xylophone, bells (symphonic excerpts and solo literature)

  • Timpani (solo literature and standard large ensemble repertoire
  • Multiple percussion

  • Drum set

  • World/ Ethnic percussion

  • Electronics

  • Marching percussion

Development of high–level sight reading in all areas

  • Sensitivity to concepts of tone production and control

  • Fluidity and agility of motion

  • Ear training and intonation skill
  • Strong and creative concepts of phrasing and expression, including historic perspective and awareness of stylistic and interpretive trends of each period.

Regular participation in percussion studio/ masterclasses

Attendance at a weekly studio/ masterclass is required as part of private study. Attendance will be taken at each meeting. Students may be excused from these classes only by making arrangements with the percussion faculty at least 48 hours in advance. Do not schedule teaching or rehearsals which will cause you to be chronically late to class. This will affect your lesson grade.

Performance in percussion studio recitals, solo recitals and weekly Student Recital Hour

The percussion studio will hold one formal performance recital each year. Everyone in the percussion studio is required to perform on the recital. You will not receive a grade on the performance. However, if you fail to perform, your final lesson grade will be reduced one full grade. Every student enrolled in Applied Percussion Lessons is also required to play in at least one weekly Student Recital Hour per semester.

Active membership in the international Percussive Arts Society and participation in the Missouri PAS State Chapter activities

The Percussive Arts Society is perhaps the best source of information for percussion professionals. Your membership includes magazine subscriptions, newsletters, and local, regional, national, and international activity in all aspects of percussion. For more information, please visit the PAS website. You can also reach the PAS by calling  580-353-1455  or email PAS. Your membership must be renewed yearly. You must show your membership card indicating active status prior to receiving a grade each semester.

At the completion of the degree program the percussion student will have reached a proficiency level appropriate to his/her chosen field, and accordingly will be capable of:

  1. Preparing and giving a full recital of percussion music (relevant to specific degrees)

  2. Playing an honorable audition for graduate school admission, or orchestra, military band, chamber music, studio or combo position, or teaching position.

  3. Teaching percussion with solid pedagogical concepts based on historic and current trends in the percussion field.