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If unique knowledge and experience is a boat then the sea is what every person and his cousin knows. Globalization is causing the sea of competition to swell, and knowing a foreign language just may provide you a secure passage to an island full of career possibilities. Can you speak the languages represented in the welcome banner above? No? In that case, you've come to the place where your boat receives everything it needs to make its voyage.

At Missouri Southern, learning a foreign language is not simply a past time or hobby; it is a serious necessity in all sectors of the U.S. economy. Are you prepared for a future in which multilingual abilities are a must for international trading, government, technology, education, health and so on? Our department continually improves upon a world-class education by providing the technology, the literature, the outreach, the quality teaching and the enthusiasm to students of all types of cultural, educational and vocational backgrounds. With these readily available tools and fair winds of encouragement, students increase their job opportunities and improve their communications skills which are required no matter what course they take in their careers.

We offer the following languages you may choose to study: Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish. Of the 6.7 billion people in the world 13.22% speak Chinese (Mandarin), 4.88% speak Spanish, and 4.68% speak English (Source: The CIA World Fact Book). Those account for the top three languages spoken with French rounding out the top eleven in the world. But those percentages account only for first language speakers. The number of those who speak English as a second language is expected to swell dramatically as schools across Asia are teaching English as early as Grade 1 (Source: Asia Times Online).  

Will you stay afloat with such competition looming on the horizon?

We invite everyone and cousins too, to gain knowledge and experience that will carry all safely through uncharted, globalized waters.