Foreign Languages

Dr. Sabine Cramer


Webster Hall, Room 363
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Dr. Cramer is a native of Germany and received her earliest schooling there. She came to the United States and received an M.A. in German from the University of Houston and then took a second M.A. in linguistics and semiotics from Rice University. Her Ph.D. is in Germanic languages from the University of Texas at Austin. She taught previously at the University of Siegen, Germany; the University of Houston, the University of Texas at Austin, and at Vanderbilt University.

Courses Taught At MSSU:

Ger 101 Beginning German I
Ger 102 Beginning German II
Ger 203 Intermediate German I
Ger 204 Intermediate German II
Ger 301 Reading & Conversation
Ger 302 Readings in Literature & Culture
Ger 305 Business German
Ger 306 German History & Civilization
Ger 401 German Music, Literature & Art
Ger 417 German Literature: 19th Century
Ger 418 German Lit of the 20th Century
Ger 498-1 Advanced German Grammar
Ger 498-2 German Outside of Germany