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Art Department

Drawing from Observation

At MSSU a rigorous drawing curriculum is central across all artistic disciplines. All art majors, whether art education, studio, or graphic design, learn to solve problems of composition, perspective, and two and three dimensional relationships through drawing from observation.

Our students work with landscape, interior, still-life and the figure; both clothed and the nude. As students progress through intermediate and advanced courses, the instruction promotes a sound understanding of contemporary issues and practices in drawing. Students learn to work in various mediums, demonstrate compositional competence in their works, and develop a personal aesthetic that relates to the interests and efforts of the individual artist.

Our well lit drawing/painting studio features a wall of windows with exposure to natural, northern light. This open classroom allows enough flexibility for students to work with a variety of scale and medias. The room is equipped with anatomical skeletons and still life plaster models, a sink, easels, a movable model platform, spot lighting and flat file as well as upright painting storage.